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Animation Master

As mentioned previously, Animation Master has a fairly steep learning curve.  However, one should not necessarily try to learn all the features of the package.  Instead, it makes more sense to concentrate on some aspect of Animation and then become part of a team so that the workload is shared.  for example, you might like creating 3D models, or creating reusable motion like a walk cycle … or maybe, you like setting up a scene and directing how the models move across the landscape – there are many different jobs / skills required, it is unlikely that you will have them all – SO BE COLLABORATIVE WITH OTHERS.

Because of the much bigger skill set required, we produce a much larger range of tutorials.  As with MovieStorm, these tutorials have evolved as we became proficient in various aspects of the package and we developed skills for our own projects.  For that reason, they are not exhaustive, but complement the tutorials already available on the AnimationMaster website.  The official AnimationMaster tutorials can be found here.

The tutorials that we provide here should be used an addition to the official tutorials on the Animation Master website.


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