Articles Relating to Intellectual Disability

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Don’t be put off by the heading of this group of web-pages, we will try to concentrate on readable and understandable studies, articles and findings – with the humorous ones thrown in for good measure.  In each article we will give a hyperlink back to the source so that you can find the context and possible download the full article, booklet/handbook.


There has been a major work of research done at Trinity College Dublin called ‘The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing’ – big words!  Simply put, it means that over a long period of time, people made notes on how people coped as they aged and how society  evolved.  For the first time, this study also included people with Intellectual Disabilities aged 40+ and you can read their findings here.

The full reports (2011 and 2014) are available for free download from the IDS TILDA site or by clicking on the images below.


Inclusion Ireland

Inclusion Ireland is a national rights-based advocacy organisation that is committed to the promotion of the rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families.  They have written many papers around the areas of people living with intellectual disabilities both in terms of historical analysis and also position papers on where to move or, more importantly, how to move forward from where we are now.  On this page we give a brief overview of those publications that we feel are relevant, easy to read and understand as well as a link to the publications themselves.  Some are not the least bit ‘intellectual’!  Selection of Inclusion Ireland Publications


CARDI funds, publishes and disseminates research on topics relating to ageing and older people.  They are a not for profit organisation developed by leaders from the ageing field across Ireland (North and South) including researchers, academics, statutory, voluntary and community sector representatives with support from The Atlantic Philanthropies.  We have concentrated on their publications relating to people with Intellectual Disabilities and the ageing process.  Selection of CARDI Publications.

National Disability Authority (NDA)

The National Disability Authority (NDA), as an independent statutory body that provides information and advice to the Government on policy and practice relevant to the lives of persons with disabilities. They have a role to assist the Minister for Justice and Equality in the co-ordination of disability policy.

Their functions include research, developing and collaborating on the development of relevant statistics; assisting in the development of standards; developing codes of practice and monitoring the implementation of standards, codes and employment of persons with disabilities in the public service.  Selection of NDA Publications.


This is a website that deals with communications difficulties that people with intellectual disabilities often experience.  There are a number of very informative pages within this website and we highlight the most interesting and useful.  Selection of iCommunicate Publications.

Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission published a code of practice for staff working in mental health services with people with intellectual disabilities in 2010.  Click here for more information on this easy to read code of practice.

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