Board of Directors

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The Board (or The Board of Directors) is where the organisation is ‘governed’.  When the organisation was set up, the founding members spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the future and what they wanted the organisation to aspire to.  These thoughts were then put down on paper and became part of the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.  You could look upon the board as being the guardian of these documents, of ensuring that we stay true to our Vision, Mission and Core Values – this is really a definition of ‘who we are‘.  In 2015 these 2 documents were combined into a single governing document called The Constitution.

The board meets officially once per quarter (although there is regular email / phone contact between these official meetings) where the members reflect on what has happened over the previous quarter and come up with a map for the following quarter. They also take a longer term view of the organisation and plan for that future.  All the members are ordinary people who are joined by a common purpose of wanting to improve the Personal Well-being of adults with Intellectual Disabilities – that is the only pre-requisite to becoming a board member.

Would you like to help us along the road to our vision?

If you would, just pop down some simple details and we will definitely get in touch and sit down for a cuppa and a chat.  You will be more than welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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