CCTV Policy

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CCTV Policy



In facilities where we become responsible for the operation of that facility we have a policy of monitoring through the use of CCTV or WebCam technology.  Why?  For two reasons:

  1. We have a duty of care. Should anything untoward happen, then we have some evidence of the activities that led up to the event and the resulting immediate outcome.
  2. When the facility is unattended, we need to know if any of our equipment is tampered with – and if it is – to be in a position to make a meaningful report to the relevant authorities and seek restitution. The fact that this equipment is the property of Channel PWEM is not the overriding concern – it is equipment that facilitates our work, and that is the important point.

Host Organisation

As with other policies, we respect and abide by the policies in-force by the host organisation in regard to CCTV equipment, operation and monitoring.

Technical Aspects

In general, the equipment that we use is ‘cloud based’.  This means that the only equipment monitoring the facility is the camera(s) itself.  Each camera monitors a specific portion of the facility (which may or may not overlap).  When someone enters a monitored area, an event is triggered which means that an email is sent to the person responsible for monitoring the facility.  A video feed is then sent to the cloud server for storage.  Each feed is identified by the serial number of the camera and the data/time stamp of the start of the event.  These feeds are stored on the cloud server for 7 days and then automatically deleted.

Location and Signage

All people taking using the facility as part of the project are informed of the CCTV recording and explicitly asked if they have any concerns with the process – see ‘Permissions’ below.

A yellow sign indicating that CCTV monitoring is in use is placed at each entrance to the facility.  The CCTV camera itself is placed in such a way as to monitor the ‘public spaces’ only.


There are 2 forms that need to be considered ‘Channel PWEM Projects Permission for Participation and for CCTV Recording’ and ‘Channel PWEM Projects Permission for Participation and for Recording (Guardian)’.  These are available through the project supervisor.

It is a condition of membership that the output of such CCTV monitoring can be sent to the relevant authorities should there be an actual abuse or allegation of abuse against any person identifiable in the recording.

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