Fundraising Guiding Principles

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The Fundraising Guiding Principles of Channel PWEM


Channel PWEM shall respect the rights, dignity and privacy of its supporters, clients and beneficiaries.  It shall not put undue pressure on anyone to make a gift and where someone does not want to give or wishes to cease giving, that decision will be respected.  Channel PWEM will not represent  their clients or beneficiaries in a disrespectful  way in their promotional activities, and where possible and appropriate, clients or beneficiaries will have an input into the charity’s promotional strategies.  The charity will take care not to cause unreasonable nuisance or disruption in its fundraising efforts.


Channel PWEM  will always act in an honest  manner  and will be truthful in all its dealings.  It will answer honestly  all reasonable  questions about  its fundraising activities and fundraising costs and it will do so within  a reasonable  timeframe.


Channel PWEM  will make information about  its purpose  and its activities freely available.  It will be transparent about  who it is, the work  it performs  and how any support is used.  It  will be accountable and will provide a number  of ways whereby those interested  can contact  the organisation and receive a reasonably timely response.  Channel PWEM  will have a procedure to address  complaints, a copy of which will be available  on request.

PDF:  The full pdf of the Guiding Principles for Fundraising can be downloaded here.

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