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This section describes our philosophy regarding governance and how it is implemented.  Also included is the legal structure under which we operate.

Governance of Channel PWEM

Governance means ‘how do we govern or manage the company’.

Since July 2015 the Memorandum and Articles of Association have been brought together into a single document called The Constitution.

Channel PWEM is owned by the membership and they collectively elect a Board to oversee the organisation from year to year at the Annual General Meeting.  This board is responsible to the membership for the stewardship of Channel PWEM

Governing Body

  • There will be a maximum of eleven Board Members and Channel PWEM will endeavour to maintain an uneven number.
  • All members are eligible to go forward for election to the board. However any member who is receiving a salary or similar payment, cannot be a director.
  • Board members are elected at the AGM (or in exceptional circumstances at an Extraordinary General Meeting – EGM).
  • The Board may co-opt a Director to fill an identified gap; the Director will then present at the next AGM for election by the Membership
  • Full description of the roles and responsibilities of Directors can be found in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Channel PWEM.

Good Governance

Channel PWEM, has signed up to and adheres to the general principles of good governance as set out on the website This is a very important statement and it means that we have taken on specific responsibilities which fall under 5 main areas:

  1. We want to lead the company properly.
  2. We will exercise proper control over the company.
  3. We will be transparent and accountable in everything that we do.
  4. We will work effectively
  5. We will behave with integrity.

The full text to what we have signed up to can be found in Good Governance on this website.

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