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As part of the learning process from the PUSH TV Project we introduced the Level 3 Certificate ‘Community TV Interviewer‘.  This project builds on that concept.

We all have to crawl before we can walk and that is where ‘Have you Got a Minute’ comes in.  The concept is really quite simple.  The trainee interviewer picks a number of people in the locality who can be asked ‘Have you got a minute? and then get a minute of their time.  It is simple, direct and not daunting.

For example, call to the local Fire Station and ask the fire chief to explain in a minute some aspect of their work, or the local garda, doctor, swim instructor …

Adult with Intellectual Disabilities

Remembering that an enhanced feeling of Personal Well-being is key to all our projects – we have to ask the question, does this project tick all the required boxes?  For an Adult with Intellectual Disabilities – how does this project help?

  • Each clip is only 1 minute long, so very achievable
  • As the interviewer (s)he is center stage and very much in the eye of the community
  • Going ‘out and about’ with a camera crew reduces the responsibility of getting it right – there is support and direction
  • Key members of the community see abilities rather than disabilities
  • It’s fun!

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