Inclusion Ireland Publications

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On this page, we give synopsis and links to Inclusion Ireland Publications which we feel are easy to assimilate.


This is a very simple cartoon-type publication that is accessible to people with a broad range of reading and cognitive abilities.  A ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in promoting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.  Click on the image below to view / download the booklet in PDF format

Inclusion Ireland - A Guide to Advocacy

Intellectual Disability – Causes and Prevention

Another very easy to read little booklet.  It is laid out as a question and answer format which had some surprising (for me) answers.  It look less than 2 minutes to read and in just a brief scan I was certainly educated!  Once again, click on the image below to read/get your PDF copy.

Intellectual Disability - Causes and Prevention

Little Book of Disability

Although ostensibly a booklet on the 2005 conference My Voice My Choice, it is the pages of cartoons at the end that really make this a publication worth reading.  As always, click on the image below from the booklet to get your very own copy – I’m sure the good people at Inclusion Ireland would not be upset if you were to use some of these great cartoons to help spread the word – but check first (just in case!).

Inclusion Ireland - Little Book of Disability

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