Level3 TV Studio Lighting Operator

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Camera! Lights! Action!

Let there be light!  Without light, the viewer would just see a black screen.  In some ways this is the magical art of lighting.  When a studio is lit properly, then everything else seems to fall into place automatically.  If the lights are too bright, the talent on stage might be blinded and look uncomfortable.  If too dim, then the camera might not see the talent properly.  It takes time to get it right – and we have plenty of time!  No rush, we can always take a break for tea if it is not working out right.

This is a Level3 course, that means that the student gets a high level of support.  Everything is done under direction.  The learning is slow and progressive.

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

As with all our courses, this course has been designed with the varying levels of abilities in mind.  There are no logbooks or written examinations.  All of the learning is done by ‘seeing and doing’.  And then doing it again.  There is no time limit, each participant will progress according to his or her own abilities – it is very much tailored to the individual.  The full text of the course content is available below.

Health and Safety.  Learn how to position and operate lighting systems in a safe manner.

  1. Lights – Identify the different types of lights and be able to operate them appropriately.
  2. Position – Learn how to position the lights under the direction of a director.
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