Level3 TV Studio Camera Operator

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Many people like the idea of working behind the scenes, and the Camera Operator is one such job.  This is a lot different to the person with a camera who goes ‘out and about’ on their own making a video.  In the studio, the TV Studio Camera Operator works as part of a team and with direction.  This is a key aspect to our work in The Studio.  The Camera Operator is not left on his own but has a director explaining how to position the camera, how to move it etc.  The student learns small aspects at a time and this helps to build confidence.

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

As with all our courses, this course has been designed with the varying levels of abilities in mind.  There are no logbooks or written examinations.  All of the learning is done by ‘seeing and doing’.  And then doing it again.  There is no time limit, each participant will progress according to his or her own abilities – it is very much tailored to the individual.  The full text of the course content is available below.

There are 3 main areas:

  1. Health and Safety – to become aware of the health and safety aspects of working in a community TV environment.
  2. Camera – learn how to set up a camera (or group of cameras) for various scenarios within the studio environment.
  3. TriPod – learn how to set up and use a tripod
  4. Learn the basic communications that are key to being a team player within a community TV studio environment.L3 Community TV - Studio Production Camera Operative R02_Page_1

L3 Community TV - Studio Production Camera Operative R02_Page_2L3 Community TV - Studio Production Camera Operative R02_Page_3

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