Level4 TV Control Room Operator

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So you want to take control!  Why not?

The control room is where all the decisions are made.  The feeds from all the cameras come in to a Video Mixing Desk, and the feeds from all the microphones come in to an Audio Mixing Desk.  In the Community TV Studio Control Room, there are usually just a handful of people there.  At the top of the chain, is the director.  That person keeps an eye on everything and decides on things like when to switch from one camera to another.  As the Studio Control Room Operative you will listen for these commands and then carry them out.

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

As with all our courses, this course has been designed with the varying levels of abilities in mind.  There are no logbooks or written examinations.  All of the learning is done by ‘seeing and doing’.  And then doing it again.  There is no time limit, each participant will progress according to his or her own abilities – it is very much tailored to the individual.  The full text of the course content is available below.

The Level4 Control Room Operative is normally undertaken after at least one of the Level3 Studio Operator certificates has been attained.  While this is not a pre-requisite it is the preferred method of entry.  There are three units in this module:

  1. Video Mixer Set-Up and Configuration – learn the major connection to the video mixer and how to set it up for typical community  TV studio scenarios
  2. Audio Mixer Set-Up, Configuration  and Operation – learn the major components of an 8-channel audio mixer and operate it so that the sound from various sources during a community TV studio programme are of the required standard.
  3. Video Mixer Operation – learn how to operate the Video Mixer under the direction of a programmer director.

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