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Code of Practice 2010

There are 2 versions of this code of practice

  1. A ‘BIG WORD’ version that is not the easiest to read and is written primarily for people employed to work with people with intellectual disabilities
  2. A READABLE version which has been written specifically for people with intellectual disabilities to read themselves, or maybe have it read to them by a friend or carer.

We are interested in the READABLE VERSION.  Below are some snippets from the handbook – but click on the image below to get your own copy – well worth reading.  It might be small, easy to read but the content is very important for us all.

  • The Code says that all care and treatment of people with an intellectual disability should be done in such a way that they keep as much of their independence and freedom as possible.
  • Being person centred means mental health services should fit around what each person needs.
  • Mental health services should not think that someone can not make a choice or decision just because they have an intellectual disability

MHC Code of Practice 2009 Easy Read

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