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Everyone is a learner with ideas worth communicating


How to harness that idea of ‘Everyone is a learner with ideas worth communicating ‘?  Simple – we run projects where we live that thought.  When you think about it – it means that everyone is important.  There is also this sense of equality and importance.

Step back now – and imagine.  Yes, close your eyes.  Imagine you are going to work.  It is an exciting time because you like your work.  You are part of a team and you are one of the key players.  Getting in early and being in time for the chat with the cup of tea or coffee – that’s important!  Planning what has to be done, who does what and …..

It is a normal day at the office.  In this instance, the office is a Community TV Studio.  Complete with cameras of all types, studio lighting, microphones, computers – a whole array of technology.  But it is not strange or mysterious equipment.  You have been learning all about it over the months – just by handling it.

Or, close your eyes again – you have no interest in ‘things’ – you are the performer!  Yes, you are the jazz singer, or the balladeer, or maybe you are Pat Kenny or Miriam O’Callaghan. You can be anybody.  But most importantly, you are you – a key member of the group .  An important person.

Channel PWEM Projects

Basically we work with adults who have varying abilities – called Intellectual Abilities,  Although the accepted term in the Irish Health Community is Intellectual Disabilities.  We prefer to focus on a person’s abilities and help the person develop new skills.  There is a tendency in Centres for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities to concentrate on physical activity.  That is not our ethos.  We concentrate on modern media technology, stuff that the majority of people in modern Ireland use – cameras, phones, videos etc..

Modern Media Technology

For the main part, we use a Community TV Studio as the ‘place of work’.  We can also run projects that do not need a studio facility – these are animation (or cartoon) projects.  Animation is great fun and just about anyone can take part. With animation people can imagine a life completely different to reality .  They can become young or old, have a new voice – basically create their own animation character.

Our definition of a successful project is one where people participate and get a buzz from being present. People feel alive and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments .

A key aspect of our organisation is that all our members have a close relationship with psychological trauma either through their lives or lives of people close to them – this gives us an insight into the importance of our work and results in us providing the majority of our work in a voluntary capacity.

Below is a list of previous and current projects

Due to the nature of working with Vulnerable Adults we don’t put all our work on-line for a general audience

2014 – Grandads Surprise Birthday Party

Grandads Surprise Birthday Party 1
2014 – Grandads Surprise Birthday Party. An 18 minute animation

2015 – PUSH TV

This is a 5-episode documentary on the setting up a community TV studio at St Raphaels Centre in Youghal County Cork.


This is an ongoing project that we are using as part of the training within the PUSH TV Project.  It allows budding crew members both in front of and behind the camera to go out and about and record A MINUTE OF YOUR TIME.


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