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PUSH TV – A BAI Funded Project

PUSH TV Stands for Pop-Up Studio Home.  It started life with us wondering where we could find a home for a TV studio and thought that it would be better for it not to be tied to a single location but rather have the potential of portability.  With the financial assistance of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) we started setting up the studio at Saint Raphaels Centre for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Youghal County Cork.

The project was approved for funding by the BAI (S&V7459) early in 2015 and work started immediately.

At the moment we are working out a policy for uploading images and video clips to the website of the people who are taking part in the project.  Because of the vulnerable nature of these participants, this may take some time to clarify.

The Submission Overview


The viewer is taken along the road from a chat show in an empty space, through home-built backdrops, to an operational multi-camera studio. Through the narrator and animation sequences (constructing elements and events) the viewer learns the theory and practicalities of lighting, video, audio, construction of simple backdrops etc. – a primer in many aspects of access and participation in media literacy.

The Programme


The narrator will be the glue tying in the various snippets of activity, interview and animation.  As the story evolves from aspiration to actuality this voice gives the viewer the context within the storyline and its place within the general space of learning as nuggets of knowledge are uncovered for the viewer.  In general an animated landscape will be used to focus on an aspect of learning and then that aspect will be shown in actuality on the physical set.  VoxPop type comments from the crew will aid in cementing the educational learning aspects of an activity.  Explain it, show it, recap on the experiential learning – the basis of pedagogical adult learning.


The story is that of a journey of learning and experience that a group of residents in St Raphaels Centre (Youghal Cork) embark upon when they construct and operate a Community TV Studio.  The emphasis is on learning – the viewer gains insights in parallel with the participants on the main aspects of TV Studio production on a very low budget using (where possible) affordable equipment.  It is not about the final studio programme itself but rather the journey of making that programme and understanding the building blocks whether they be technical, inter-personal or editorial.

PUSH TV - The Original Empty Studio

So, where do we start?  In this instance we start with a big empty room and a manager of the centre wondering …  what could the future hold?  We witness the transformations – not only of the studio itself but also the associated understanding that evolve of media production as the viewer comes in contact with the various building blocks.  As the complexity builds, so also does the need for planning and communications.  Graphical animations will be used throughout to aid the narrator explain the communications channels and building block interrelationship as they become exposed to the viewer.  There are 5 distinct episodes and each builds from the previous one so that the viewer can learn in a structured and logical manner.  Each episode will have flash-backs to previous segments to reinforce learning.


Working with at-risk groups, brings with it its own difficulties in terms of editorial control.  While the objective is to allow freedom of expression, we appreciate that sensitivity will be required so as not to expose any of the participants to inappropriate public reaction and also to ensure that the producers, the host organisation (HSE) and the youth group are also protected.  To cater for these separate requirements we have opted for the ‘dual editorial’ model – one team to give participants experience in the editorial process (during the final episode) and the other to act as an adjudicator of last resort (throughout the process).

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