PWEM – Who are we?

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Who are we?

In a word – Volunteers.  Channel PWEM is a volunteer led charity with very well defined objectives.  We operate throughout Cork city and county working with and for people who are marginalised – but more specifically with Adults who are experiencing some form of Intellectual Disability.  The full text of who we are is enshrined in our Memorandum of Association.  It is full of fairly legal-type language but don’t be put off.  It is worthwhile looking at the main objective and the subsidiary objectives – because they determine what it is that we do.

Good organisations normally have three statements that describe what they do and who they are or aspire to be.  These are called the Mission, Vision and Values statements.

Channel PWEM Mission

This describes what drives us – what is the reason for existing and for people to become involved.  It is like the reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

By using a Media Production Facility, Channel PWEM provides a safe structured space for people to learn by seeing and doing.  To be part of a collaborative team working towards common goals and production deadlines – in the process experiencing a sense of belonging, achievement, fun and energy associated with people working together and enjoying the experience.

Channel PWEM Vision

The vision is how we see ourselves in years to come – it is like shooting for a star, but a star that we believe is attainable.  It is a good exercise to be able to look at ourselves at this point in time, to examine what we do and how we do it, and to keep in mind where we want to get to on our journey and critically ask the question – are we on the right road?

To be the centre of excellence in the area of modern media production crewed and operated by adults with some form of Intellectual Disability.  Channel PWEM envisages this as people participating with pride and confidence; giving a reason to embrace each day with anticipation, living it to the full and looking with hope to the future.

Channel PWEM Core Values

This is the most important aspect of who we are.  Mission and vision are meaningless unless there are core values underpinning them.  These inform every aspect of what we do, the services that we provide and the policies and practices that we develop.

  • Vulnerable Adults (Adults with Intellectual Disability). We work to improve vulnerable adult’s lives and our approach is driven by their needs.
  • Belief in the Person. We believe that all people have abilities that are waiting to be unlocked and we are the catalyst for the journey.  We allow people develop by providing stimulating projects and experiences.
  • If at first we don’t succeed, then try again and try harder.  We never write off any person as hopeless, the more hopeless it seems the harder we must work to bring about a positive change for that person either through our own efforts or by calling on other bodies / organisation for assistance.
  • Respect and Dignity. We absolutely recognise that everyone is entitled unreservedly to respect and dignity.  Not only do we recognise this as a core value of Channel PWEM but, where we see any violation of a person’s respect and dignity at any location where we may be operating, we will take appropriate actions on behalf of that person to ensure his respect and dignity is restored.
  • The Person: For each, we recognise and respect –
    • their dignity,
    • their individuality,
    • their intellectual, artistic and creative talents,
    • their ability to contribute in a meaningful way within a socially inclusive team irrespective of their physical, mental, intellectual or social state;
  • Organisational Structure: We foster a democratic approach to all our activities and encourage a broad / low rather than a hierarchical structure;
  • Non-Discrimination: Within Channel PWEM and among the organisations that we work with, we promote and are committed to diversity and non-discrimination among all individuals regardless of  gender, marital status, family status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, age or membership of the Travelling Community.

Our Governing Document

Main Object

The main object for which the Company is established is to develop and operate a charitable, not-for-profit, community owned, media based, education and vocational training company for people experiencing disadvantage, exclusion and/or marginalisation (Communities of Interest) operating in such a manner as to improve the personal wellbeing of the members of the Communities of Interest availing of the services.

Subsidiary Objects

The following objects set out hereafter are exclusively subsidiary and ancillary to the main objective set out above and these objects are to be used only for the attainment of that main object and any income generated therefrom is to be applied for the main object only.

  1. Participation: To enhance the lives of the members of the Communities of Interest by providing an opportunity for participation in the planning, development, operation and governance of The Company, Their Community and region;
  2. Financial: To use its money and facilities solely for charitable purposes.
  3. Empowerment: To facilitate, in the context of equality and social inclusion, the empowerment of the Communities of Interest;  to work together with them to enhance their emotional, social, economic, educational and cultural wellbeing;
  4. Projects: To undertake the running of projects that are tailored to individual members of the Communities of Interest so that identifiable aspects of their lives and/or personal wellbeing can become a focus of the activity and an outcome for Channel PWEM
  5. Training/Education: To provide training and vocational education in media production, processes and related matters within the context of the personal development and wellbeing of individual members of Communities of Interest in a manner that is supportive and empowering;
  6. General:
    • To co-operate and collaborate with others with similar goals, and to engage in any other activities and enterprises conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Company.
    • To raise funding to further the main object of The Company.
    • To apply for and to receive grants, sponsorships, commissions and other financial supports to further the main object of The Company.
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